Sharing your tour

Sharing your tour with your friends/customers

How to email someone your tour?

Use Revir’s ‘share’ function - include pictures

How to send a 360 photo to someone via phone?

Use Revir’s ‘share’ function - include pictures

10 Tips that will improve the experience of your virtual tour

Pick the best time to take your 360 photos

Does your Virtual Tour require a day or night scene? Take your 360 photos in the timing that best showcases the space

Pick a few scenes where there is an outdoor view

Besides the interior space, it would be nice if your clients could see around the space as well

Be sure to clear unwanted items out of the camera view<

The camera is able to capture everything around it in the space, so be sure to remove everything that isn't needed out of sight. You wouldn't want your tour to feature your wallet on the table, or your bag on the couch or chair.

Make sure the viewers are able to view everything in the space

If possible, try to cover every area of the space. Your viewers would appreciate it if they could tour every space visible

Make sure your viewpoints are from a natural, human perspective

Your camera should be at an appropriate height. A good height range would be from 1.5m to 1.6m

Make sure there aren't any motion blurs in your pictures

Make sure nothing is moving while you take your picture. A motion blur in your virtual tour will not be nice

Add in floor plan for convenience and easy navigation

Some users might find it hard to navigate their way around a virtual tour. With a floor plan, you would be able to make their lives much easier, and improve their experiance of your vitual tour.

Keep your light consistent

If there are separate spaces in your space, you should still try to keep the spaces as even as possible. It would not be nice for viewer to enter a nicely lit room, and then a dimly lit one just right after.

Get out of the shot

Be careful of furniture that can cause reflections, and be sure to get out of every single area which the camera is able to capture.

Ensure that you tripod is out of sight

This might be hard to achieve, but try to keep your tripod our of the way as much as possible, since your tripod might be blocking some items that shoud have been viewable in the space.

What to include in your Virtual Tours

Show what happens behind-the-scenes

Some people need an extra push into trusting a business - words from their friends and social media might not be able to convince them. Use a virtual tour to show them what your business is like behind-the-scenes. It gives off a more friendly and welcoming impression. Use Virtual tours to show the history and evolution of your business

Do you have an amazing story/evolution behind your business?

Tell it in an equally amazing way through the use of virtual tours instead of just an article written in words.

Let your Virtual tour be interactive

If you are managing an online business, why not have your store in the form of an interactive virtual tour? You can deliver the feeling of being in the actual store itself to your consumers, and because of the interesting shopping platform, consumers might tend to stay there for a longer time, and browse through more of the products.

Creating your tour

A short guide to create your tour with Revir.

Creating a new tour
Uploading your panorama
Using the Tour Editor
Using the Tour Viewer
Creating a Hotspot
Publishing your tour

How to embedding your tour into website

  • Click share to generate an embedded code for your tour
  • Copy the code
  • Go to the PropertyGuru Listing page under media, and then embed virtual tour.
  • Paste your embed code in that space provided

What is AR & VR ?

What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a combination of a real and an artificial environment. The difference between the two are that Virtual Reality is completely artificial, while Augmented Reality makes use of the real surroundings around us. Augmented Reality takes the environment around us and overlays new information on top of it.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a completely artificial environment created with software to be so realistic that people often think that they are in a real environment. It is often used with a VR headset, which is a headset with a screen in it. The screen will be directly before the users eyes when they put it on, and the software in it is programmed to follow along with the users’ movements.

Uses for Virtual Tour in any industry!

Real Estate

  • Clients can view the estate without actually being present
  • Makes communication easier
  • Mistakes and things to be amended can be pointed out clearly at any time

Marketing and Retail

  • Create new online shopping platform experience
  • Make your business different from others
  • Increases trust between you and your consumer
  • Increases the amount of time spent on your site

Construction and Buliding

  • Create visually appealing, realistic models
  • Update clients with high quality tours
  • Efficient in getting work completed


  • Gain insight into what they will experience before working on an actual body
  • Prepare anyone for any procedures; from students to experienced professionals

Shops and Restaurants

  • Creates hype around your business
  • Leaves a more memorable impression on potential consumers
  • Customers will be able to find you easily if you have an up-to-date Street View of your store

Attract attention of clients

When 360 Virtual tours are incorporated into web pages, it creates a more interactive and memorable experience for clients, and they will be drawn into a website for a longer period of time.

It saves time

Instead of a long article or description of a space, companies can make use of a 360 virtual tour. It saves time for themselves, and the audience interested in the space. A 360 virtual tour would also can more attention than an article.

Immerse your audience

Have you ever had to book a place to stay for an overseas trip, and then get frustrated because of the lack of information on the spaces in the room? By using a virtual tour, you will be able to showcase almost everything part of the space that should be showcased.

Competitive advantage

Using virtual tours gives you a competitive edge over competitors who are not using this technology. It also gives the clients the impression that your company is more up-to-date and keeps up with the trends.

Enhancing Google search results

With Revir, you will be able to put your virtual tour on Google street view. It increases the chances of people stumbling across your site. Besides clients you are already expecting to visit your site, you might be able to gain a few new clients. Overall, it improves your business