What is Revir and why choose us

Revir™ is a world class virtual tour platform to help users create and share 360 virtual tours with our virtual tour creator software.
It is an immersive tool that lets the user have a firsthand view of the location of their choice at their convenience. Revir is the first ever free virtual tour software that is avaible in the market and all you need to do is to upload your own 360 photos , our virtual tour creator will enable you to do the rest.

Our Tour Editor is Easy to Use.

Create the best 360 virtual tours with multiple seamless features in our tour editor to give your tours a more complete look.
If you need any further help, do check the help page for a more in-depth guide.

Drag and Drop

Drag and dop your 360 photos to get startedd and create your very own first virtual tour. It is as simple as that. No complicated importing or the need to register your credit card.

10K Image Size

That's right, we support high quality images of ANY format. The recommended and optimal image ratio is 2:1 and the maximum image resolution can be reached to 10000 x 8000 pixels!

Interactive Features

Our team will be consistently working to give you only the best experience while using our free tour creator. Some of the key features that we are proud to present are, hotspots, nodes and VR experience that can elavate your tour experience to the next level.

- Hotspots are click interactive element that can be added to your tour. Upon clicking on them, they can perform various functions like having a text label or a placeholder for additional images.
Adding nodes to an image allows users to easily move from one panorama to another upon clicking on it, making the virtual tour experience more realistic.

- Nodes enable users to move from one spot to another upon clicking via multiple panoramas. This creates a 360 virtual walkthrough expeirence where users are able to view multiple areas in the surrouding location.

- Have the option to showcase your virtual tours in VR mode both from your mobile phone or computer.


Personalise and watermark your tour by adding your client's or you own logo.
There is also a feature to upload a floorman of the place if you are creating a virtual tour of an interior space.


You can also add the location of the tour.

Sharing & Viewing anytime, anywhere

Good things are meant to be shared.

Let us help you spread the word. Send links via email, social media or real estate listing, it is but a click away.

Revir makes it easy to reach your audience in anytime, anywhere

How it works?

Import 3D model

Take 360° Photo

Place yourself at the center of the view and capture a panoramic photo using a 360 camera.

Import 3D model


Edit your own tour.

Add nodes, info buttons, music, hotspots, Nadir patches...
You can also customise your tour with your own logo.

Import 3D model

Upload and Share

When your tour is complete upload and share your tour to be viewed on all platforms.

If not, simply save it as a draft to continue working on it another day. No one can view your draft.