Give your viewers an experience like no other.

Our team is consistently working on giving you the best 360° viewer there is.

Our Tour Editor is Easy to Use.

Create the best tours with the features that we carefully picked to allow the creation of the tour to be as effortless as possible to use.

Drag and Drop

It's as simple as that. Fuss-free. No complicated importing, just like our sign up.

8K Image Size

That's right, we support high quality images of ANY format. The recommended image ratio is 2:1 and the maximum image resolution can be reached to 8000 x 4000 pixels!


Explore from a plethora of interactive features built into our editor including: Hotspots, Information Nodes, Google Maps, Background Music, Nadir Patches and more.


Replace our logo with your own or your client's, show personal information, upload floorplan. You can customise it completely.


Put your tour on the map by establishing a location.


Build an online audience for yourself on your Community page. Upload your tour only when it is done with our drafting system.

Sharing & Viewing anytime, anywhere

Good things are meant to be shared.

Let us help you spread the word. Send links via email, social media or real estate listing, it is but a click away.

Revir makes it easy to reach your audience in anytime, anywhere

How it works?

Import 3D model

Take 360° Photo

Place yourself at the center of the view and capture a panoramic photo using a 360 camera

OR using our very own Revir Mobile App,
360 camera not required.
(Coming Soon!)

Import 3D model


Edit your own tour.

Add nodes, info buttons, music, hotspots, Nadir patches...
You can also customise your tour with your own logo.

Import 3D model

Upload and Share

When your tour is complete upload and share your tour to be viewed on all platforms.

If not, simply save it as a draft to continue working on it another day. No one can view your draft.