Use Cases

Our 360 virtual tour creator can be used for various projects. Here are a few project examples that it can be used for.

Real Estate 360° Photo

Our 360° virtual tour editor can be used for real estate to create a walkthrough of properties for users. You can give potential clients an immersive 360° virtual experience that allows them to view the property of their choice at the comfort of their own homes. Property agents can levarage the 360° virtual tours with VR experience to win customers through firsthand immersive property viewing. The example above is a virtual tour of Mont Botanik – a newly launched freehold condominium in Singapore. 360° photos of the showroom are taken to create these VR tours for convenient viewing online from any place and time.

360° 3D Rendering

Revir can also allow users to walk through a digital recreation of their future home or other planned architectural projects. Users will be able to view a realistic design concept from a first-person immersive perspective. It is a more comprehensive method compared to viewing still images. Even without starting the construction of an architectural project, clients will be able to experience a vivid visualization of a completed concept. It also serves as a cost and time efficient method for developers, where property viewing can be made digital instead of building physical showrooms which takes up more time and cost. Any changes to the design and sizes of the spaces can also be quickly edited using 360° 3D rendering and viewed instantly on Revir. Gone are the days of having to tear down parts of a physical showroom and taking time to put up a new proposal.

360° Drone-view Images

360° interactive aerial panoramic view provides a bird's‐eye‐view of the surrounding in detail. It plays a crucial role for any architectural or interior projects, where potential buyers can have a clear idea of what is surrounding the property and site. Conventional two dimensional map reading have no clear visualisation and information on surrounding building heights, land areas and views. With these 360° interactive aerial panorama, it helps to showcase all these information more effectively.

#1 Construction

Construction is a continuous progressive process and 360 virtual tour of the site can be used to inspect the progress. AR can also help to record the finest details of the construction site that helps better manage future maintenance work. Create a world class virtual tour using Revir - Our 360 virtual tour creator that will help simplify your construction process.

#2 Office

Having a virtual tour of your office sure does help you to re-create an immersive and productive workspace for your employees. Learn how to create 360 panorama online virtual tours here.

#3 Drone View

Think virtual tours are only for ground-view shots? Think again. You can even create virtual tours using drone view shots. The process of creating a stunning virtual tour is the same. Learn how to create a virtual tour here.

#4 Restaurant

Imagine your customers can take a 360 look at your beautiful restaurant from the comfort at your home before booking a slot. What would that mean for you? More customers. Learn how to create a 360 tour and host it on your website. That’s not all - With our 14 days free virtual tour creator, you will learn how to create a virtual tour in as little as 5 minutes. First you will discover how to create virtual tour with iphone, next you will learn how to create 360 photo online, and finally, do some simple touch-ups with our virtual tour editor, and you are ready to publish and share your masterpiece.

#5 Travel & Attractions

Having a 360 virtual tour website / blog that contains all the places you have been to sounds cool doesn’t it? Imagine showcasing to your friends and families non-static, 360 immersive virtual tours of all the attractions you’ve been to! Learn how to create 3d virtual tours free for 14 days here.

#6 Campus

Students & parents usually want to take a look at the school surroundings before enrolling. For international students, flying all the way down to campus to take a look is highly unlikely. Hence, a lot of the students will likely look for online 360 immersive virtual tours of the campus from the comfort of their homes before making a decision. What’s a better way than to showcase your campus virtually? Create 360 virtual tour today using our world class virtual tour platform.

#7 Car

Whether you are planning to take a virtual tour of your car for listing, for social media, or any other purposes, we got you covered. A tour of the car interior not only helps to elevate customer engagement by showcasing a HD view of each and every part of the car, but also helps potential buyers to visualize themselves owning the car.

#8 Yacht

Having tours of your yacht is cool isn’t it? Share it with your friends and families. If you are renting yachts, having a 360 virtual tour of the interiors definitely helps with conversion.

#9 Classroom

Just like the campus, students and parents would love to see what the classroom environment is like before enrolling into the school. Having a virtual tour of your classrooms definitely helps with that.

#10 Gym

One thing that gym members look out for in any gymnasium is the equipment the gym has to offer. With virtual tours, potential new members can take a look at the virtual tour of the gym without having the need to come down on site for a free trial. Click here to learn how to create a virtual tour on your website today.

#11 Spa

Spa visitors usually look for locations that look cozy and comfortable. Having virtual tours of the surroundings definitely helps customers to visualize themselves at your spa before booking a slot with you. The best part? Your customers can share the virtual tour link with their friends and families and recommend it to them. Click here to learn how to create a virtual tour of your spa house.

#12 Exhibition

Exhibitions are slowly moving from offline to online. With online exhibitions, you will be able to have unlimited visitors unlike a physical exhibition whereby you have limited space.

#13 Museum

Virtual tours for museums definitely helps to digitize the traditional way of going down on site for a visit. With virtual tours, museums can have more visitors at once.

#14 Hotel

Having virtual tours of your hotel / hotel listings definitely helps with customer engagement and conversion. Customers will be able to have a good grasp of what it feels like to stay in that cozy, comfortable hotel just by the look of the 360 virtual tour. Here’s how to create a 360 virtual tour for free using our software - Comes with a 14 days free trial.

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