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Revir™ - Create high quality virtual tour in seconds

About Revir™

Revir™ is the leading virtual tour creator platform that will seamlessly convert your panoramic or 360 images into a high quality virtual tour where one can tour the different hot spots. Revir™ changes your images into a fully interactive virtual tour within minutes. We provide a platform that requires no prior experience in creating virtual tours or any programming experience to create high quality virtual tours. Creating professional 360 virtual tours online has never been this easy.

Build Your Virtual Tour

You might ask, how do I create virtual tours, where do I start? Well, in Revir, simply drag and drop your panoramic pictures or 360 images onto our platform,. Next, link those panoramic photo scenes, or nodes, using various transitions. This allows users or viewers to navigate from scene to scene with a simple click. Pinpoint the exact location of your virtual tour to give your viewers more context with our unique built in tour locator function. Click here for a step by step guide on how to build your first virtual tour.

Endless Features

We pride ourselves with bringing the most practical functions to you. Our goal is to allow you to create a high quality virtual tour within minutes. To do so, we have created many easy to use features such as drag and drop images, supporting ANY photo format (recommended image ratio is 2:1) as well as hot spots to interact with the virtual tour with just a click of a button. We have a tour locator function which allows you to mark the location of your tour, as well as an option to add a floor-plan for better understanding of an interior space. For a full breakdown on the features, click here!

Endless Applications

Any landscape, from real estate to places of interest, 360 virtual tours allow users to dive deeper in exploring these places around the world. Revir™ boasts many applications, bringing the best out in any scenery or landmark. We bring any image to life, in the form of an easy to use and comprehensible virtual tour creator. For more examples of our platform’s applications, click here!

Own Your Virtual Tour

We allow complete customization and personalisation for every single one of your virtual tours. Add your client’s or your own logo to each of your virtual tours. Protect your precious 360 virtual tour from plagiarism but you can also make it look more professional & presentable in front of clients and that matters the most. Custom make your tags for easy navigation of your virtual tour.

Share Your Virtual Tour

With our virtual tour creator, you can share or embed any virtual tour you create anywhere you like. Share your virtual tours with a single click, to every single platform you can think about. If not, there is always a link for you to copy! Alternatively, you can embed these virtual tours into your website to create a more immersive experience.We offer a guide on how to embed your virtual tours onto your website here!

How it works?

Import 3D model

Take 360° Photo

Take 360° photos ensure images are in JPEG format, below 10000px in size.

Create tour, and drop your 360° photos directly onto website, or click the upload icon to upload selected images from your folders.

Import 3D model

Edit Your Tour

You may edit and personalise your tour using a few tools available – adding panoramic scenes, creating nodes to teleport from one scene to another, and creating hotspot icons to add photo and texts.

Additional functions like adding a floor plan, editing tour title, description, location and categories are also available to help you provide more information regarding your 360° tours.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to edit your own tour:

Import 3D model

Upload and Share

Once all necessary edits are done on the tour editor, toggle and select publish option from the draft icon on the top of the tour, and press save. Tour will then be published on revir website.

You can then share your published tour with others via unique weblink and QR code, and tours will be viewable on multiple platforms and devices like mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Should you wish to unpublish and continue to edit your tour, go to published section on website, click on the 3 dots on the tour and select unpublish tour.